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School Age Programs

At Magic Moments your school aged child will make new friends, have a play date, or simply enjoy a variety of great age-appropriate activities.  All children in the program have afternoon snack, get to play on the playground, plant in the garden, and do arts and crafts, as well as enjoy inside activities and some quiet time for homework. On days when schools are closed expectedly or unexpectedly, Magic Moments provides full day care, offering breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. Our certified group leaders have a weekly plan of activities designed to keep your child having fun whether they are here for a few hours or a full day.
To accommodate working families, Magic Moments offers transportation services to and from our location to most of the elementary schools in the Owings Mills area. The schools that we service include:

Owings Mills Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Cedarmere Elementary
Timbergrove Elementary
Woodholme Elementary
Chatsworth Elementary
Glyndon Elementary
Newtown Elementary


Program and Curriculum:  Magic Moments uses the Creative Curriculum, which is the country’s leading comprehensive and scientifically based early learning program.

The program objective is to plan appropriate learning experiences that respond to children’s individual interests, learning styles, and abilities.  Its basic philosophy is that young children learn best by doing, actively thinking, exploring, and experimenting.  It helps them to better understand themselves and how things work.