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Welcome to Magic Moments Early Learning Center

picChoosing childcare is one of the toughest decisions a parent makes in the early years of parenthood. Despite all the research that a parent does to make certain that they are making the right decision, after all the checks and balances are performed, the choice often boils down to the gut feeling that you have when you feel that you are simply in the right place.

When I started Magic Moments, the vision was rooted in the “extended family” concept. The primary principle behind this concept is the belief that together, Magic Moments and each family we serve, are committed to creating a better tomorrow for the children in our lives. While this may sound a bit idealistic, it is my belief that each day we are blessed with an opportunity to do just that, make each day brighter than the day before.

I welcome you to the Magic Moments family and look forward to creating a partnership that will result in creating a wonderful environment for children to grow.

Jonathan Brown, President

What Are Our Parents Saying?

My son came to Magic Moments when he was two years old. It has been a very positive experience for him and for us. With other helpful features, such as the provided lunch, the reasonable cost, and the convenient location, Magic Moments has been a winning situation for all of us.
Janet Marnien
Please don’t change a thing!!! You all are the best! Thanks for caring for what’s most important- The Future!!! ”
Alia Hunter
Thank you so much for helping to make school a positive experience for Davian and keeping my child safe while in your care. With all the creativity, patiehce, and love….. Davian has started on the right path by having you and your staff leading, guiding and making learning fun!

Shalena Booze and Damon Booze Jr.

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